How to Email Text Messages

Did you know that you can send an email text to your friends, clients, family or employers using your outlook account? Whether it’s a reminder, a party invitation or just a random message, an outlook email will get the job done just as quickly as using any other messenger. The good thing about using outlook to send your email is that you Access your messages in an organized manner. This is because Outlook utilizes a folder system that enables efficient message organization. Also, if you’re good with various keyboard commands, you can perform your tasks quickly in outlook and also manage your contacts. This will save you time and lots of trouble in case you want to send more email texts, you just click on your contacts to choose the one you intend to send to.

What do you need to start enjoying Outlook email services?

A friend of mine saw how quick I was sending messages to multiple contacts, how easy it was for me to apply to different jobs and how professional I organised my emails to different clients and he envied me. He wanted to know the secret and I was willing to help him. Maybe you’re like my friend and you know little or nothing about outlook email. Here’s your chance to grab everything you want from how to start an email to how to end an email using Microsoft Outlook:

1. Create a MS Outlook account if you don’t have one. Generally, they will need your name, email id and password. Afterwards, you can login to your account. If you already have one, you just login into your account by entering your phone number or email id, your password and then you will be loged in to your account.

2. Click "new items" tab on home menu, then "Text Message )" on the pull-down that pops out. This is where you insert recipient details and subject to your email.

3. Find out the type of cell-phone carrier your recipient is using. This is because different carriers support different Short Message service (sms).

After discovering the service carrier of your recipient’s cell, insert their cell number (10 digits). If you don’t know the service carrier by yourself, there are various software or sites that will aid in that. You can visit sites like phonenumber.com/reverse-phone and enter the 10-digit cell phone number with the help of the reverse lookup feature. The phone service carrier will show up and you can use it. Common service carriers include; @vtext.com for Verizon and @txt.att.net for Cingular/AT&T. Now you can insert the recipient’s number using this syntax: 10-digit-phone [email protected]

4. Compose your message. Write email just as you do any other while using a different platform. Insert all the details as you would have it putting in mind if it’s a formal or informal message. You can utilize different features in Outlook email to meet your different needs. For instance, you can use the signature part where you attach a unique signature to all your text emails you send via Outlook.

5. After going through your text email on the preview pane to ensure that it entails everything you intended, click the "send" tab to send your message. Note that responses or calls regarding your email sent via Outlook come directly to your email. This includes the calls. So, don’t expect responses on your phone.

Sending an email text through Microsoft Outlook wasn’t hard was it? Follow the above guidelines and the process will get easier, quick and efficient by days. Have fun!