Junk food and health problems

Junk food has created various health problems over the year, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all in large parts caused by the normal American diet. Having a healthy diet could save hundreds of dollars in health care costs and we can do this by taxing junk food. taxing junk food would reduce consumption of unhealthful foods and would create hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to help stabilize veggies and other healthier choices.
To begin with, reducing the consumption of unhealthful foods can give us money to contribute to the purchase of staple foods for example, vegetables, dried fruit, greens and other seasonal foods. From Bittman, Mark “Bad food? Tax it and subsidize vegetable.” he states that “We could sell those staples cheap. Since poor people suffer disproportionately form the cost of high-quality, fresh food, subsidizing those foods would be particularly beneficial to them.” This show that not only will it be beneficial to them, but it will also bring in billions of dollars annually.
Additionally, over the year's fast food restaurants that are in business have doubled, which is about 300,000 restaurants that have been established in the united states. Sarah Muntel has stated that “33.8 percent of the U.S. population is affected by obesity and 19 percent of children and adolescents are also affected.” As Sarah Muntel stated having a junk food tax can prevent 1.5 million Americans from becoming obese and 400,000 causes of diabetes. With this tax it can benefit Americans to have a healthier lifestyle and have a healthy diet.
Therefore, taxing junk food can help take better care of ourselves too. From Clark, Lelani .“The Navajo Nation Will Soon Have the Country’s First Ever Junk Food Tax” article it says that the tribe has some of the worst health outcomes in the united states, with the rampant hypertension and cardiovascular disease. It also says that 300,000 members have type 2 diabetes. By just taking care of ourselves and eating healthier it can prevent us from having diseases and diabetes. We can live with fresh produce, vegetables, and fruit.
On the other hand, some people may disagree with the opinion of taxing junk food. They say that the taxes will just lead many consumers to replace junk food with equally unhealthy foods. It also worries people that a 2 percent sales tax on chips, soda and fried food are going to be too much for them. While that may be true, In the Navajo Nation Will Soon have the country first ever junk food tax article it says, “other opponents said the bill would place undue burden on consumers and drive desperately needed revenue of the reservation”. So, having a tax on junk food may not only help with having a healthier diet it can help with money for those in need. Yet, it may be a trouble for some people it is still a good idea to tax junk food because it will benefit many people.
Taxing junk food can bring so many benefits in money and health. Having a healthier lifestyle and diet from eating better and less junk food could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care cost. We can reduce consumption of unhealthful foods to give us money to contribute the purchase of stable foods. It would prevent many people from becoming obese too. So, to sum it up taxing junk food is a great idea and can help many people in the world. Need an essay sample? I recommend you going to Homeworkfor.me. Everyone can find a lot of sociology research paper topics there. They are free to use.